How It Works

The #BetterThanAnMBA Reading Challenge is an all-inclusive education program for entrepreneurs and those striving to be one. These are the books that helped James make it to the big leagues, and this is how we hope you’ll make it as well. Throughout the course of one year, challengers will read 12 books — one book a month — and apply the lessons to their own lives and projects over the course of 2018. The program has been specifically designed to offer everything an entrepreneur needs to be successful across all industries. These books will inspire you, instill discipline, and teach you how to create a thriving business and life. James, along with other successful entrepreneurs brought on board, will offer insights and personal experience along with the invaluable advice offered in each of the 12 books. Challengers will also collaborate and interact with each other on both Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook. Furthermore, the program will be incentivized each and every week in order to reward your efforts (though, the knowledge is the greatest gift of all.)

Eye on the Prize

Every Month: Choice of an iPhone X or $1000 cash.

Plus more to be announced.

The Books that Made Me Successful. #BetterThanAnMBA

How to Win

How to Enter: 

  1. Follow @JamesCharlesPaine on Instagram and turn on post notifications.
  2. Comment at least 5 words within the first 45 minutes of a new post for an entrance (1 entrance per post)

Winners are chosen among those have the most entrances and meet all requirements. The more entries you have, the bigger chance you have of winning. To get more entries, use bonuses:

  1. 2 bonus entries for subscribing to James Charles Paine on YouTube.
  2. 2 bonus entries for subscribing to The Paine Collective on Redit.
  3. 3 bonus entries for posting about the challenge on your Instagram feed, tagging at least 2 friends, and using the hashtag #BetterThanAnMBA.

Reading List

Book # Title Month
1 Never Eat Alone January
2 The One Thing February
3 Pour Your Heart Into It March
4 Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future April
5 Losing My Virginity May
6 June
7 July
8 August
9 September
10 October
11 November
12 December